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DJ's Dugout Sports Bar and Blazin' Pianos

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DJ's Dugout Sports Bar and Blazin' Pianos
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DJ's Dugout Sports Bar and Blazin' Pianos
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About DJ’s Dugout

DJ’s Dugout Sports Bar and Blazin’ Pianos is a 6,800 square-foot bar, restaurant and entertainment complex located in five locations throughout the Omaha metropolitan area. This unique establishment offers sports fans a larger-than-life experience in sports as well as a diverse food and drink menu. An “air wall” divides the sports bar from the “Blazing Pianos” room where dueling pianos entertain on the weekends. Their first all-digital facility has kept fans coming back for a one-of-a-kind multi-media sports experience.  


DJ’s Dugout needed an all-digital high-definition AV system for their massive 6,800 square-foot complex with optimal viewing for every guest. “There had to be a monitor everywhere people looked so that anyone could see a screen without turning their head,” said Dennis Pitzl, President & CEO of local AV installation company CONCEPTS AV Integration.


CONCEPTS AV designed the system to distribute AV signals throughout the complex. Patrons can experience video and music no matter where they are in the building. The system is accessible from multiple locations, including from behind the bar.

The solution includes forty-four 65-inch plasma displays, five projection systems throughout the venue and a single 13000 lumen projector in a private party room. The customer can display four simultaneous broadcasts of up to 36 different sporting events at one time.

The audio system is designed to be heard clearly in a crowded, high-ceilinged bar but not compete with people’s conversations when the bar is less crowded. The 50-switcher outputs route all sources to the plasma displays and projectors throughout the complex.

Two Kramer VS-3232DN CORE™ switchers with HDMI and DGKat™ input and output cards in increments of four provide a high-quality digital image on every video screen. An output card to the touch panel makes it easy to control the system. The system includes Kramer VM-2Hxl HDMI distribution amplifiers, 48 Kramer PT-572+ DGKat digital receivers, a Kramer SID-X1 multi-format video over twisted pair transmitter, and three Kramer FC-46xl audio de-embedders. Forty Kramer HDMI and DA cables carry signals throughout the complex.


“There was never a digital switcher big enough to accommodate these needs until the Kramer VS-3232DN modular switcher,” said Pitzl.

Kramer switchers, amplifiers and receivers are housed in a case with glass doors against one wall in the main room. This creates a “wow” factor.


“The installation had to be very clean, because it’s all on display as you walk in the front door, and we achieved that with Kramer products.”

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