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University in Ecuador Upgrades Its Classrooms with ViewSonic ViewBoard Interactive Displays

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University in Ecuador Upgrades Its Classrooms with ViewSonic ViewBoard Interactive Displays
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  • Strengthen the school’s academic proposal through the use of technology

  • Provide students with the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and interactive learning process alongside modern technology

  • Agree on the required tools and supplies to meet contemporary educational needs

  • Overcome the faculty generation gap to meet contemporary educational needs.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, online education redefined how we access information and gain knowledge. The use of technology as a key teaching and learning tool allowed education continuity, while creating the need for digital skills enhancement. Because of these significant communication changes in the learning process, Pensionado Universitario Nelson León Vizcarra saw a need for newer edtech.

“From our perspective as an educational institution, we were compelled to strengthen our teaching proposal and differentiate ourselves from other institutions, so we explored interactive display options,” said Nicolás Arízaga, an attorney for Pensionado Universitario Nelson León Vizcarra.

The university then undertook a streamlining process that would help it adapt to the changing educational landscape, implement innovative technologies in the classroom, and seek sound financial strategies to ensure long-term sustainability.


  • 29 ViewSonic® ViewBoard® IFP6550 65-inch interactive displays were purchased

  • 100% of the classrooms, from preschool to the third year of high school, are now being equipped with this new technology

  • In addition, a display was installed for the administrative area

The idea to implement this new technology came from representatives of Telalca, a leading business technology company with more than 25 years of experience offering IT solutions and services for companies in Ecuador. They suggested ViewSonic as an innovative option, which met the Institution’s requirements.

“We held several meetings with board members and teachers to explain the bene?ts of interactive displays for education and how they encourage skills development. Finally, we agreed that this state-of-the-art technology could provide us with new tools including interactivity, collaboration and arti?cial intelligence. It would help us grow stronger as an institution. “ViewSonic has enabled us to take the leap we needed to position ourselves as a state-of-the-art private school in Quito. We can present ourselves as a modern institution that accommodates current student needs, in spite of being 66 years old,” said Arízaga.


  • Increased student engagement in the classroom, as well as improved attention to lessons
  • Teachers have also improved both course content and methodology, making courses more dynamic
  • The implementation of ViewBoard interactive displays, along with other initiatives encouraged by the institution, have helped boost student enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year by 10%, compared to the current period

The guidance and implementation by Telalca was excellent and, along the same lines, the advice from ViewSonic representatives in terms of technical queries and training has been impeccable.

The installation of 29 ViewBoard® IFP6550 interactive displays has had a great impact in different areas. First, at an academic level, student engagement in the classroom has increased and attention to lectures has been enhanced. Teachers have also improved course content and methodology, making courses more dynamic and interactive.

The administrative staff has identi?ed a 10% increase in enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year, compared to the current period. Finally, improved faculty meeting productivity has been seen in different academic areas.

“We have been able to meet our initial goals and we are currently satis?ed with the response from our entire educational community,” said Arízaga.

With these results, the Institution’s directors are hopeful that the project will continue. “Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, we expect to see an increase in the number of students. As a result, we will need to buy additional displays to ? t the new classrooms. We have also seen the bene?ts of implementing state-of-the-art technology in the classroom. This has brought about the possibility of acquiring other ViewSonic products that will help us continue to meet our institutional goals,” Arízaga concluded.

Alex Carlos, ViewSonic Regional Sales Manager, stated it is very rewarding to see how the ViewBoard IFP6550 interactive displays and the integrated myViewboard® software platform support and enhance the development of ?agship schools in Ecuador, such as Pensionado Universitario Nelson León Vizcarra.

“The directors have a clear vision of their students’ long-term development and strengthen them by providing technology. Interactive displays are transforming teaching environments from classic to interactive classrooms where collaboration will take place. We will continue to work with this renowned institution for the development and immersion of these new technologies,” said Carlos.

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