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ACE Backstage Co., Inc.

ACE BACKSTAGE CO., INC. makes a full product line of flush stage pockets (floor pockets/floor boxes) which provide utility, convenience, and easy installation. Ace Custom Stage Pockets include built to order custom panels with engraving and connector loading, providing the system integrator or installer an economical "one stop" completed pocket/panel/connector assembly.
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ACE Backstage Offers Custom Services to Support Industry Manufacturers
Posted on Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Valencia, California - To support design integration of digital snakes from brands like Mackie, Allen & Heath, Presonus and Behringer, ACE Backstage introduced a NEW Stage Pocket System earlier this year. The #125 RackWell allows rack equipment to be mounted vertically into the stage floor; connecting FOH directly to digital equipment under the stage while XLR, network, and power cables egress through cable exits in the lid of the RackWell, directly onto the stage floor. Integrators save time and money by eliminating patch panels and traditional wall racks. No more cables stretched across the stage floor from off-stage.

ACE Backstage is known for making strong and simple Stage Pocket Systems – keeping installation easy and efficient. So when a customized floor box solution is needed, industry manufacturers rely on the company that can make it easy and efficient from design to installation.

Custom fabricated floor boxes from ACE can fit each specific requirement, and by using a library of standard components and pocket body designs, pricing is kept low, making the custom solution an easy choice.

Recently, industry giant Neutrik USA and ACE Backstage combined efforts to deliver an ACE Stage Pocket System that supports the Neutrik OpticalCon series of connectors and cables. Special pocket considerations were made for ANSI bend radius recommendations and angled panel mount positioning, as well as ample clearances for behind panel termination requirements.

The Professional A/V Division of Roland worked with ACE to create an integrated Stage Pocket for the RSS S-0808. This mobile application digital snake required a secure resting place that would support usability and storage. Additionally the pocket development included accessibility to A/C power, additional hard-wired connectivity options, and customized hinged cable slot closures.

Partnering for more than 20 years, Audio Technica and ACE developed the first-of-it’s-kind portable choir microphone, called the Choir Stick Mic. Expertly designed to use AT microphone components, the CSM became the first portable boom-arm microphone on the market. Soon after, SHURE joined the party, increasing the pick up pattern choices offered and creating additional opportunities for qualified ACE Dealers who have exclusive distribution. Currently, ACE maintains their industry leadership role by fabricating the only boom-arm microphone in its price range that is compatible with wireless microphone systems.

 Decora-sized component modules offered by Extron, Intelix, Leviton (and many others) can be mounted directly into any standard ACE Stage Pocket without the need for an adaptor or custom made panel. The ACE CONNECTRIX Panel System offers one, two, or three unit panels that modularly mount and secure these complex inserts into any size or style of ACE Stage Pocket– and they are always in stock.

Design Consultants and Systems Integration Firms have used ACEs custom services for years, and Industry Manufactures can see the added value too. As the A/V industry continues to make exciting new advancements, ACE will continue to support the connectivity needs that result.
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