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Bosch Conferencing and Public Address Systems

With more than 90 years of experience in designing and developing communication products, Bosch has established unrivalled leadership in the field of public address and voice alarm systems. The company has provided systems and components for major transportation terminals, houses of worship, public buildings, office buildings, schools and shopping malls around the world.

Model: INT-TXO

The INT-TXO is the central element in the INTEGRUS system that allows INTEGRUS to interact with the DICENTIS Conference System.
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Bosch releases Dicentis Hybrid Meetings, a cloud-hosted end-to-end hybrid conferencing solution
Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2023
Bosch releases Dicentis Hybrid Meetings, a cloud-hosted end-to-end hybrid conferencing solution

Grasbrunn, Germany – Bosch introduces Dicentis Hybrid Meetings, a complete solution that seamlessly combines in-person and remote conference attendance. While face-to-face interaction remains essential, remote participation via internet applications has become a highly efficient option for conferences. Hybrid meetings combine the best of both worlds, with an efficient mix of onsite and remote participants. Since general online video conferencing applications often don't meet the needs of structured hybrid meetings – due to insufficient onsite system integration and lacking professional features like microphone management and compliant voting – Bosch has developed its own hybrid solution to create a highly flexible meeting environment for maximized efficiency and effectiveness.

Fully native, end-to-end hybrid meeting solution

Dicentis Hybrid Meetings combines the stationary, IP-based Dicentis conference system with remote participation into a fully native hybrid meeting solution. As a cloud-hosted single supplier solution with hybrid participation at the core of the conference system, it caters to all security, reliability and maintainability requirements.

Optimized meeting experience

Dicentis Hybrid Meetings creates an optimal meeting experience for onsite participants using Dicentis conference devices and remotely connected participants who can attend via a browser-based Dicentis application on PCs, laptops or tablets. The intuitive user interface for remote participation features a clear overview of all activities. Every participant enjoys equal participation options established by the integrated meeting management tools. Regardless of physical location, each participant is fully involved and enjoys the same speech priorities, voting rights and content sharing options. Last-minute information can be immediately distributed comprising the voting results and hall visuals – even when connected remotely. Dicentis Hybrid Meetings overcomes communication barriers by providing a consistent meeting experience with the same professional functions as if attending the meeting in person, maximizing the participation involvement.

One central, straightforward user interface

The feature set ticks all the boxes for highly efficient, legally compliant meetings – centrally controlled over one straightforward user interface for the chairperson and clerk. They can control hybrid meetings the same way as in-person gatherings, including speaker timers, request list, response mode, voting with quorum, majority and voting weight with automated reporting in a tamper-proof format.

Ensured security and compliance

Dicentis Hybrid Meetings offers a very high level of security. Data are processed with full data privacy-compliance, in accordance with international information security and privacy management standards as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). State-of-the-art data encryption using standardized IP technology and security features ensure protection against data tampering and hacking. The participant access is gate-protected as user profiles are managed by the local Dicentis server. Shared information remains confidential while no personal data are stored in the cloud. Both the cloud application and the stationary conference system are highly reliable and stable which is safeguarded by the Bosch top quality guidelines.

Carefree cloud hosting managed by Bosch

Dicentis Hybrid Meetings is a complete service solution that includes all required fees, regular software updates, specialized support and Bosch-managed cloud hosting for constant availability, reliability and peace of mind.

Dicentis Hybrid Meetings is initially available in select European countries and will gradually expand into other countries and regions starting from the first quarter of 2024.

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