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LG conference in Spain focuses on trusted Control Room solution from Datapath, Exertis and Ergovisual
Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2023
LG conference in Spain focuses on trusted Control Room solution from Datapath, Exertis and Ergovisual

Nov. 7, 2023 - Datapath were proud to support LG at their recent Critical Control Room Conference in Madrid, providing a platform for key partners to work closer together to bring trusted solutions to this important key market. 

Working alongside Exertis and Ergovisual, the LG Business Solutions collaboration has arisen from the need to offer a complete and valuable solution in the growing Control Rooms market, as explained by Francisco Ramirez, B2B Director for LG Spain: "A control room is not something that is cool to have, but something that is critical to have." 

He added: "The idea behind this conference is to accompany LG with valuable partners to be able to focus on what we know how to do. For this reason, we look for strategic partners in each of the areas in which we operate."  

As explained during the event, control rooms are places where critical information must fluctuate in real time and have good ergonomics and visual technology that allows fast and effective action in the event of any, often unique, incident. 

To achieve this aim, these spaces are often planned in two areas – the main Control room and the Crisis room – which "depending on the criticality, can be planned in a number of ways to perfectly match the needs of the operation," explained Carmen Jerez, Regional Sales Manager of Datapath for Southern Europe. From the initial concept phase, Datapath's Aetria solution has been designed specifically with this aim in mind, allowing users to share content from what is often a huge number of sources to other areas of the control room operation, as well as create and save their own 'personal video wall' of required information. 

The growth of the Control Room market 

Many use cases were presented during the LG event, covering a wide range of vertical markets that demonstrated the growing demands from Control Rooms and their operators. Experts covered conventional sectors such as utilities or transport hubs, but also others such as public administration or industry where this approach can be an added value. "A city council may need a control room to know what is happening in its city for security or maintenance reasons and this type of installation is essential. They can also be in a chemical plant or in an office building. There are many possibilities to discover," explains Carmen. 

The range of possibilities that this sector presents equates to a market very much continuing in an upward trend. Up until 2027, it is expected to grow by almost 7% worldwide, with Europe representing 25% of all global turnover according to data revealed during the conference. 

In Spain, it is an area in continuous renewal and key in the transformation of many businesses, as demonstrated by the alliance of LG Business Solutions with its partners. 

A turnkey solution with valuable technology 

Perhaps the most valuable element of the event was seeing 'live' how a real solution works in a control room. LG's demonstration facility allowed its partners to showcase a package of turnkey tools to enter the control room sector with the latest technology that can be scaled to Control Rooms of any size. 

"When you provide a complete solution, the client's work is much easier and it is more comfortable for everyone. Seeing everything working in harmony, in real time, is a valuable asset when considering a Control Room investment," added Carmen. 

Datapath showcased the full capability and flexibility of its award-winning Aetria solution. This comprehensive hardware and software package provides reliable and comprehensive management of all video sources, content and data, with greater ease of use for the integrator, the client and its end-user operators. 

In the case of LG, its extensive catalogue of screens allows operators to work with crystal clear resolutions – such as the LG Magnit LED with a pixel pitch of 0.7 mm. This screen is designed to work in critical environments with 24/7 operation and great contrast so as not to miss any important details. Ergovisual  provide the design and furniture aspect of an effective control room with its range of tables, chairs and supports designed specifically for 24/7 active environments. 

Exertis, distributor of Datapath in the region, makes more than 5,000 wiring references for control rooms available to partners to ensure they get the best configuration for their requirements. The distributor supplies all components, giving integrators the choice to place orders for complete control room installations. 

This tailored solution proposed by LG can be an effective starting point for any IT or audiovisual partner operating in, or entering, the Control Room market. An opportunity to enter a market with a strong future, accompanied by the support of highly experienced and trusted manufacturers with cutting-edge technology. 

Datapath would like to thank LG Business Solution, Spain, Exertis and Ergovisual for this great initiative in a thriving market sector and look forward to developing this alliance further throughout Spain and surrounding areas. 

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