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Datapath Ltd.

Founded in 1982 and now distributing across 5 continents, Datapath has customers in more than 100 countries Worldwide; covering multiple industries such as professional audio and video, military, education, security and health care.

Model: Aetria Touch

The Aetria Touch panel allows quick, easy management of content displayed on any video wall within the Aetria environment.
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Datapath, Absen, B-Tech and Fountainhead Bring Total Control Room Experience to ISE
Posted on Tuesday, January 16, 2024
Datapath, Absen, B-Tech and Fountainhead Bring Total Control Room Experience to ISE

Datapath stand 3R100 

Jan. 16, 2024 - Datapath will be showcasing their expertise and alliances in the control room sector at ISE with a fully operational replica control room on their Hall 3 booth. 

Datapath have teamed up with Absen, B-Tech AV Mounts and Fountainhead to demonstrate a complete control room solution of video processing and distribution, LED video wall displays, mounts, CCTV and consoles – giving ISE attendees a 'closer' experience of a control room set-up and the chance to explore and experience other vendor control room-related products.  

With leading manufacturers coming together to provide complete user solutions, customers and end users have the convenience of seeing how all elements harmonize in a 'real use' environment.  

Darren Banks, European LED Industry Development Director for Absen Europe explains: “As well as our own booth at ISE, we're excited to unite with other non-competing vendors like Datapath to deliver a better and more informative visitor experience. Alliances like this work well, as we all have the same goal in advancing the control room industry, where attendees can experience all the latest elements in control room technology in one place.” 

Utilizing Datapath's award-winning Aetria solution, the demo area will include: 

  • 6×3 x Absen KLCOB 0.9 microLED Panels for main video wall display 
  • 2 x 3×3 Absen KLCOB 0.9 microLED Panels for two further demo video wall displays 
  • BT9340-ABS Absen dvLED Videowall Mount from B-Tech Mounts 
  • 2 x ELITE_AIR consoles from SPF and Fountainhead  

With the vast increase in the volumes of video data now required in today's control rooms, there are huge challenges around how critical information is made available to operators in and out of the control room. As the data volume increases, solutions like Datapath's Aetria are needed to help operators make sense of it, allowing 'anything, anywhere' video management. 

Managing video processing and content in the Datapath Control Room demo area will be  VSN 1172 video wall controller with Datapath capture and graphics cards installed. 

Five Aligo QTX and 18 x Aligo RX100 will manage seamless KVM operations, with four Arqa TX and eight Arqa RX units working alongside them to transmit and receive video data. 

A pair of Aetria Network Managers will show the immense scalability of Aetria, being operated on two workstations. 

Datapath's Aetria Touch Tablet will be demonstrated for the first time to showcase ease of use of Aetria's core features. 

This powerful solution will allow visitors to Datapath's ISE booth to experience first-hand how operators can access the right information at the right time so they can take appropriate action. 

Datapath will also be providing numerous other ISE exhibitors with solutions to help demonstrate their products abilities, including Fx4 controllers for B-Tech's stand display content and an Aetria VSN demo area on Absen's Hall 3 booth. 

Supporting partners and on its own booth, Datapath's multinational and multilingual team will be on-hand to discuss any aspect of these latest innovations and how they can assist in the design and operation of your next control room or video management project. 

For free registration to ISE 2024 in Barcelona, attendees can use Datapath code 1LOFQNEL. 

More information can be found at 

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