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Size Doesn't Matter! Hi-Z/Lo-Z Power Amplifiers for Any-Size Meeting Space
Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Size Doesn't Matter! Hi-Z/Lo-Z Power Amplifiers for Any-Size Meeting Space

Size Doesn't Matter

Introducing Hi-Z and Lo-Z (120W / 240W) power amplifiers with 2 independent input mixes, 2 separate output mixes and adjustable auto-standby

The all new Kramer PA-120Z and PA-240Z Hi-Z and Lo-Z power amplifiers will rock any-size meeting room!



These amplifiers are extremely durable and include everything from mixable inputs and outputs to adjustable threshold auto-standby.

Hi-Z and Lo-Z
Switch easily from Lo-Z (4/8Ω) to Hi-Z (70V/100V) to accommodate any type of loudspeaker installation.

2 inputs, 2 outputs
Each output supports an independent input mix with master volume, 3-band parametric EQ and selectable HPF (High-pass filter).

Separate mix per output
Create one output mix and EQ settings suitable for the room and another for recording or cascading other amplifiers.

Adjustable threshold for auto standby
Don't rely on default auto-standby settings. Adjust your noise floor threshold based on exactly when your amplifier needs to go to sleep and wake up.

Durable & reliable
The PA-120Z and PA-240Z are immune to failure. They each include layers of protection for over-current, DC, high frequency (HF), and over-heating (with intelligent heat-sensitive fans for added protection). 
Controllable via Ethernet or RS-232
Enjoy flexible control options either locally or remotely.                         

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