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Kramer Introduces VA-1VGAN EDID Emulator
Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hampton, New Jersey – Kramer Electronics is pleased to announce the introduction of the VA-1VGAN computer graphics EDID emulator.

As part of the Kramer TOOLS™ line of compact solution products, the VA-1VGAN replaces the VA-1VGA.  The new VA-1VGAN is housed in the smaller Kramer Pico TOOL™ enclosure making it more convenient and easier to use in any installation.  The VA-1VGAN also carries a list price that is $90 less than the older model making it extremely economical as well.

The VA-1VGAN captures and emulates the EDID data of a display.  EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is a data-structure consisting of 128 pieces of information that a display provides to the graphics card of a connected computer source. The EDID describes the display’s capabilities so that the source can output the best possible signal for that display.  The source and the display exchange this information over the Display Data Channel 2 (DDC2) using pins 12 and 15 of a standard 15-pin HD computer graphics video signal connector.

Kramer’s VA-1VGAN ensures that if a display is turned off, temporarily disconnected or is out of communication with the source, the source continues to output the best possible signal resolution.  The VA-1VGAN makes the source think that the display is still directly connected even when the EDID information is unavailable.

Systems including matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, 5-wire coax signal distribution and twisted pair range extenders are typically unable to pass EDID information, since pins 12 and 15 from the source are not available.  In all these instances, the VA-1VGAN captures EDID information from the display when it is inserted into the system just after the source and it sends the EDID information to the source allowing the best possible signal resolution to be output at all times.  Even if the DDC2 channel does not connect the source and the display, the source will still effectively “see” the display.

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