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PTZOptics provides high-quality video conferencing and broadcast cameras with HDMI, HD-SDI, USB 3.0 and IP Streaming. Our approach to video camera manufacturing focuses on value. We strive to provide best in class features at affordable prices while we extend our reach with open source camera controls, free Crestron/Extron programming modules, and amazing technical support.


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New IP Joystick Features
Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2023
New IP Joystick Features

New PTZOptics Joystick Feature List

Nov. 29, 2023 - A new batch of firmware is now available for PTZOptics IP joystick controllers which unlocks a long list of new features and product updates that come directly from our user group. Among the new features joystick operators will enjoy a new custom button on the top of each joystick, expanded custom button commands, automated triggers, and support for Panasonic cameras. The update also includes a long list of additional new features and bug fixes which can be seen in our firmware changelog here.

New Custom Button on the Joystick

Take a new level of control over your production with a customizable joystick button on the PT-JOY-G4 and PT-SUPERJOY-G1 controllers. This button is conveniently located at the top of the joystick controller for quick access to your most used functions. This joystick button is fully customizable so you can choose if you want it to start recording in your video production software OR start auto-tracking on your currently selected camera. 

The button on top of each joystick controller can be set up in the web-interface of each joystick controller. To access the web-interface, simply enter the IP address of the device, shown on the front LCD display, into your web-browser. Here you can navigate to the custom buttons area, and set up the action you would like to joystick to perform when the button is clicked. It is helpful to have the latest documentation for PTZOptics camera commands handy when selecting a command. These commands can be found in the developer portal here.

The custom buttons can be set to "toggle" between multiple commands which is ideal for ON/OFF functions such as Auto-Tracking or Video Streaming. Beyond PTZ camera controls, y ou can also enter HTTP commands for software such as vMix. Learning how to use the HTTP API in your software or hardware video switcher can optimize your workflow.

Automatic Triggers on Camera Switching

PTZOptics IP joystick controllers now support automatic triggers which can be used to trigger a command automatically when switching a camera. Automatic Triggers are ideal for integrating your PT-JOY-G4 or PT-SUPERJOY-G1 joystick controllers with your video switcher or other production equipment. Use Automatic Triggers to automate your video production workflow to effortlessly que up your next camera or prepare your next scene.

Automatic Triggers are designed to work with "Soft Custom Buttons" which are configured in the "Custom Buttons" area of the joystick web interface. "Soft" Custom Buttons refers to the difference between a custom button with a physical button and a custom button that is purely digital. In the joystick web-interface, you can create an unlimited amount of soft custom buttons for use with Automatic Triggers. In the camera setup area of your joystick you can choose a Soft Custom Button to trigger each time the camera is selected in your joystick controller.


There is a new variable that can be used in the SuperJoy's and the PT-JOY-G4's Web UI to optimize the use of custom buttons. Using the new {{CURRENT_CAM}} command instead of a hard-coded IP address allows you to send a custom command to the currently selected camera. This new option allows you to use custom button commands with a vastly larger amount of cameras. 

This feature allows you to save an HTTP command with a dynamic variable that represents the currently selected camera and use it for a custom button. The command will be sent to the currently selected camera whenever you press the custom button.

Let's say you want to streamline your setup process and want a button dedicated to sending the currently selected camera to the home position. You could easily select and send with the Current_Cam command below mapped to one of the SuperJoy's custom buttons.

Example: http://{{CURRENT_CAM}}/cgi-bin/ptzctrl.cgi?ptzcmd&home

This feature can also be used with the SuperJoy's 5th custom button located on the joystick knob, allowing users to quickly issue their most frequently used command to the currently selected camera.

The joystick can send out any TCP, UDP, or HTTP-CGI command in the custom command if the attached device supports it. 


The PT-JOY-G4 can now trigger Super-Presets to control up to eight cameras with a single click. Super-Preset buttons are programmable to trigger synchronized PTZ preset commands across up to four unique camera groups with up to seven cameras each, as well as a custom HTTP trigger for automation with video production software. The PT-SUPERJOY-G1 was the first PTZ joystick to offer this feature, and the PTZOptics engineering team is happy to announce this functionality is now available in our more affordable PT-JOY-G4 model.

Panasonic PTZ Camera Controls

PTZOptics IP joystick controllers now support Panasonic PTZ cameras via the Panasonic HTTP Commands. When setting up a PTZOptics joystick controller with a Panasonic PTZ camera, you will need to know the camera's unique IP address. When adding a Panasonic camera to the joystick controller, select "Panasonic" as the control protocol. It's easy to control Panasonic network connected PTZ cameras to PTZOptics IP joystick controllers. 


PTZOptics has released a new firmware update for their IP joystick controllers, introducing a host of new features and updates inspired by feedback from their dedicated user group. Key highlights of this update include:

  • Innovative Custom Button: A standout addition is the customizable button atop the PT-JOY-G4 and PT-SUPERJOY-G1 controllers. This button offers operators quick access to frequently used functions, such as starting recordings or initiating auto-tracking in video production software.
  • Enhanced Command Options: The update expands the range of commands that can be assigned to custom buttons, including toggle functions for ON/OFF controls, beneficial for auto-tracking or video streaming.
  • Automatic Triggers: A significant advancement is the introduction of automatic triggers. These can be programmed to execute commands automatically when switching cameras, streamlining the video production process.
  • New CURRENT_CAMERA Variable: The firmware introduces a dynamic {{CURRENT_CAM}} command, allowing commands to be sent to the currently selected camera, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of custom button commands.
  • SuperPresets Feature: The PT-JOY-G4 now boasts the SuperPresets functionality, enabling control of up to eight cameras simultaneously. This feature was previously exclusive to the PT-SUPERJOY-G1 model.
  • Panasonic Camera Compatibility: The update extends support to Panasonic PTZ cameras, facilitating easy integration and control through the PTZOptics joystick controllers.

This update not only addresses various bug fixes but also significantly enhances the user experience by offering more control and customization options. It's a testament to PTZOptics' commitment to evolving their products in line with user needs and technological advancements.

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