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BMWBLOG Goes Behind-the-Wheel at the Detroit Auto Show With Shure Wireless
Posted on Monday, April 14, 2014
Blog Uses Shure Microphones and FP Wireless System to Capture Crystal Clear Audio Among the Roar of Engines 

April 14, 2014

NILES, Ill., April 14, 2014—When it comes to providing thousands of car enthusiasts with a sneak peak at the auto industry’s latest and greatest, Horatiu Boeriu, founder and editor of the “BMWBLOG,” doesn’t leave the live audio recording to chance. After building a reputation for delivering high-quality interviews and behind-the-wheel footage, Boeriu relied on the Shure FP Wireless System, the SM58® and VP68 handheld transmitters and a WL183 lavalier microphone while at the North American International Auto Show, known as the Detroit Auto Show, to provide his viewers with crisp audio, no matter the location.    

Boeriu understood the importance of selecting a wireless system and microphones that could capture the sound of interviews in an environment with loud ambient noise – the middle of a busy convention space. Understanding the unique challenges posed by the Cobo Center, the venue of the Detroit Auto Show, including a crowded RF environment, Boeriu turned to the Shure FP Wireless System and microphones for the durability, versatility, and superior sound quality.

“Shooting in a space like the Cobo Center can be a daunting task with many potential problems, including competing frequencies and excessive background noise,” said Boeriu. “For many bloggers, this environment would have been a nightmare to record in, but thanks to Shure wireless systems and microphones, we were able to capture flawless audio without breaking a sweat.” 

Armed with a Shure FP Wireless System, VP68 and SM58 handhelds and a WL183 lavalier microphone, Boeriu was able to record interviews with BMW designers in spite of the heavy noise from other car manufacturers and exhibits on the show floor. Using the FP Wireless equipment, he was able to easily locate a secure frequency and record an interview without having to move locations. In addition to providing superior sound quality, his Shure wireless system eliminated several steps from the editing process, including the need for post-production sync between voice and audio. With thousands of viewers eagerly anticipating his coverage from Detroit, this enabled Boeriu to provide timely coverage of the show.

Just days after the Detroit Auto Show, Boeriu jetted to Las Vegas for an exclusive test drive of the highly-anticipated 2014 BMW 4 Series Convertible. Selecting the Shure FP Wireless System again, Boeriu conducted a number of behind-the-wheel, on-the-road, and track recordings. Thanks to the WL183 lavalier’s functional design, Boeriu was able to immerse himself in the driving experience without having to worry about the positioning of the microphone or the clarity of the audio. To capture the roar of the engine on the open road, Boeriu used both the VP68 and SM58 handheld microphones to capture the sound without picking up any stray noise.

“To car enthusiasts, the sounds of a car are just as important as the visuals,” said Boeriu. “Whether I’m interviewing an executive, a designer, or test-driving a car, I always rely on Shure FP Wireless and microphones to provide my viewers with the most true-to-life experience possible.”

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