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Idol Colombia’s Live Broadcasts are Powered by Shure
Posted on Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Shure Axient® Wireless Management Network, ULX-D® Digital Wireless, Microflex™ Wireless, and More Support Vocal Competition Airing Five Days a Week

MIAMI, September 9, 2014—Since debuting in 2001, the Idol reality television franchise has seen rapid growth, with more than 40 regions across the globe launching program adaptions. Premiering as the 47th local adaption of Idol, earlier this year Idol Colombia began its first season. To ensure flawless live broadcasts five days a week, longtime Idolveteran and audio director Juan Pablo Banchik, worked to outfit the show’s studio with pristine audio solutions. Having worked on Idol shows in Latin America since 2006, Banchik knew what he was up against, trying to create an authentic concert feel with numerous contestants, judges, a host, and live audience—all in the confines of a television studio, with shared walls and a congested RF environment. Banchik’s first decision was to integrate Shure equipment.

For the host—where the pressure for constant, reliable audio delivery is high—Banchik worked hand-in-hand with Yamaki, the Shure authorized distributor in Colombia, to acquire and set up the Shure Axient® Wireless Management Network. Axient’s dual-channel receiver offers unrivaled RF and audio performance. Most notably, Banchik and his team rely heavily on Axient’s ShowLink® Remote Control for real-time wireless transmitter adjustments and frequency diversity for seamless dual-frequency switching. Banchik commented, “For the host, I needed a solution that was 100 percent bullet proof. Axient eliminated any RF concerns, as it essentially provides two mics in one with the dual-frequency capability. One of my personal favorites, Axient’s intelligent rechargeable power system, saves us from burning through environmentally unfriendly batteries.”  

With a number of guest performers and contestants, Banchik selected 12 channels of Shure ULX-D® Digital Wireless, two dual receivers and two quad receivers to manage the high number of channels required to support performing artists. Similarly, the PSM® 1000 Personal Monitor System was selected to ensure contestants had a professional, reliable in-ear solution.

“PSM 1000 has great sound. It’s also user-friendly, which is an important point, as 99 percent of our contestants have never used in-ears before stepping on the Idol stage. We want them to feel comfortable and secure as they embark on their competition journey,” said Banchik.

The judges on Idol Colombia are a pivotal part of the show, but again present audio challenges with a live performa

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