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Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa Meeting Space Outfitted With Shure’s ULX-D™ Wireless System
Posted on Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Event Staff Controls Wireless Solution with an Apple iPad® and has the Ability to Deliver Audio for Eight Events Simultaneously on One Six MHz TV Channel

NILES, Ill.,
June 19, 2013—With more than 25,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor meeting space, the newly opened Hilton Carlsbad Oceanfront Resort & Spa nestled against the scenic Pacific Ocean in Carlsbad, Calif., needed to install a wireless microphone solution that could efficiently operate for conferences, business events, and weddings that often occur simultaneously. Tasked with outfitting five meeting rooms, as well as the main ballroom—which is divisible into as many as eight quadrants—with audio gear was Clifford Friedman, technology solutions architect at Telnet Solutions.

Knowing the demands of the facility, Friedman selected Shure’s ULX-D™ Digital Wireless System for its expansive feature set and ability to make the most of available spectrum, ensuring multiple channels of wireless audio could be delivered—despite a harsh RF environment—to different rooms at any given time. 

“The new Hilton is a state-of-the-art facility and required state-of-the art audio performance,” said Friedman. “In designing the sound systems, it was evident the multi-functional meeting rooms would rely on a considerable amount of wireless microphones that needed elaborate antenna distribution. Shure’s ULX-D was the standout choice because of its rechargeability, spectral efficiency, and signal stability, enabling a number of simultaneous active transmitters to deliver rock solid audio without interference.” 

Friedman’s team installed 14 ULX-D systems with SM58® handhelds and WL185 lavalier microphones. As part of the install, Friedman also added Shure’s SBC200, a dual-docking battery charger. “The dock offers assurance that when a staff member grabs a microphone for an event’s setup, there’s no question if it’s going to work,” he added. “It also provides a cost and time savings benefit, eliminating the need for back-up batteries.”

After the design of the wireless audio technology was set, Friedman was charged with integrating ULX-D with the ballroom’s Q-SYS™ networking system, a control and management solution. Through Q-SYS, all audio aspects of the Hilton’s meeting rooms are controlled and routed from an iPad®. With a few simple touches on the iPad, staff can plan the layout of the room and do a graphical configuration, which selects what microphone will be used for a particular room quadrant. The turnkey solution has enabled the Hilton Hotel to operate events without an A/V team on staff.

“Since the Hilton opened, ULX-D has been used time and time again for events—all without an A/V technician,” said Friedman. “Given the ease of use and quality of the system, the Hilton staff have quickly learned how to independently control the technology to ensure every presenter sounds good. Having one universal control platform with the iPad also helps.” 

The audio design possibilities of the Hilton’s meeting space were far and wide, but by turning to Shure’s ULX-D, Friedman has exceeded the resort’s expectations. “The Hilton team is very, very happy with the setup,” he concluded. 

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